— Thank You again for inviting us to attend and exhibit at ZP10. We enjoyed the education, the inspiring presentations, The Cosmo and it was our pleasure seeing you there and meeting your entire team. We had a great time and we look forward to ZP11 and closing more business together till then.

Thank you Paul for the wonderful event and for having us. Zumapalooza was actually one of the most organized, fun and informative events I’ve been too so it was definitely a privilege to be there.

I just wanted to thank the two of you and all your staff for such a wonderful conference.  It was like “no” other.  It covered technology and business related topics which is why I attended.  But it was so much more . . . it was inspiring!  Not in business but in everyday life.  Two of your speakers resonate tremendously with me: Moffatt Zimba and John MacLean.    

Wow, what a great conference you guys put on in Vegas!  I really enjoyed the conference and as much as anything just having random discussions with the attendees. On a personal note, I was inspired by the consistency you demonstrate in your message/outlook from a one on one meeting, to a company meeting to a public gathering like Zumapalooza. 

It was good to put a face to some of the jBase techs that we chat with. The sessions were VERY informative. To say that I was floored by the speaker is a gross understatement. I had a chance to chat with him informally.. you can feel the energy coming from him !! great choice !!