To view the available slide decks from Zumapalooza 2017, click on the appropriate links below.
All presentations are password-protected. Please email [email protected] for access.

View A Day in the Life with Office 365
View A Taste of Dark Magic – Limited Seating
View AccuTerm: What’s New, What’s Coming Next
View AIX vs. Linux
View Alert Logic: Bleeding Hearts, File-less Malware, & Next-Generation Fatigue: What to Focus on While Securing Workloads in the Cloud
View AppRiver: Secure Enough?  Layer Up!
View Azure Site Recovery: Disaster Recovery as a Service
View Brian Leach Consulting Limited: Automated Testing 1 – Fizz! Unit Testing for MultiValue
View Brian Leach Consulting Limited: Automated Testing 2 – Buzz! MultiValue from GIT to CI
View Brian Leach Consulting Limited: Automated Testing 3 – Legacy Applications
View Building a Corporate Culture that Thrives
View Cloud Computing 101: The Business Essentials
View Computer Pundits: Why eCommerce Systems Fail…
View Connect to your Future: jBASE Vision and Road Map Update
View Connectivity for Business Leaders
View Connectivity for Technical Leaders
View Converting your MultiValue Apps to jBASE
View Cyber Security – 2017 Top Concerns, Best Practices, and Finding Focus
View Desktop as a Service (DaaS): More Than Just a Desktop
View EAO Computing: SHIMS Mods: Accounting
View EAO Computing: SHIMS Mods: Order Entry-Sale
View Enterprise Security for 2017
View Entrinsik: Stay Agile, Competitive and Efficient with Real-time Data Analysis for Your Business
View Faster, Better, and Leaner Citrix
View HDWP, Inc: Data Architecture for MultiValue and SQL
View How to Take the Pulse on Your Projects
View How to use GIT
View Introduction to Cisco Meraki Products
View J. Albright & Associates:  Integrating Accuterm with SHIMS
View J. Albright & Associates: New & Top SHIMS Modifications
View jBASE Tips and Tricks
View Kore Technologies: REST Made Easy for Application Developers
View LadyBridge: Data Resilience in an OpenQM System
View Looking for Inspiration? Small Steps Can Create Big Impact
View Managing Your Business with MultiValue Dashboard
View Migrating SHIMS from UniVerse to jBASE
View Modern Interfaces for MultiValue Applications
View MultiValue Apps in the Cloud
View MultiValue Market Update – Presented by Paul Giobbi
View MultiValue Printer and Spooler Commands
View NetApp:  Data is the New Currency in the Multi-Cloud World
View Norse Systems: Modernizing MultiValue Applications with ScreenDriver, AccuTerm, and QM or UniVerse.
View OPTO International Inc.: How I Turned Green-Screen PICK Into a Windows-Based Visual ERP System
View Precision Soutions: Visualizing MultiValue Data with Microsoft Power BI
View Pure Storage: Zooming Along with Flash
View Rocket®: Discover for MultiValue
View Rocket®: Python for Rocket® D3
View Sanders Supply: SHIMS: Third Party Solutions Roundtable
View SHIMS Lunch and Kickoff Meeting
View Single Sign On for SaaS Applications: What is it?  What benefits are there for businesses?
View SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc:  IT Audit 2017 – Compliance as a Force for Good
View Smarter Business Management with MultiValue Applications
View SonicWall: The Dark Side of HTTPS and Encryption
View Successful Migration to Office 365
View The Changing Landscape of Desktop Virtualization
View The Cloud Landscape and the Zumasys Cloud
View U2logic: U2 Dynamic Objects
View UCS Nimble SmartStack
View Veeam Backups: Protecting On-Prem and Hybrid Cloud
View VP Supply: User Mods Roundtable
View Zumasys Tech Support Panel: Ask the Experts