Thank you to the entire team for a very professional, informative, and inspiring conference!

* The app was exceptional – very useful and easy to use (and I liked that you also provided a hard copy magazine/schedule to get us oriented)

* The timing of sessions was perfect – we didn’t have to gulp our lunch to get to the next session, and each session finished in time to get to the next one.

* The mix of technical and business sessions was great.  And having them repeated the next day meant we didn’t have to miss anything.

* Thank you to Victoria and Melissa for the early morning exercise – and the flexibility to move it indoors because it was too cold outside.

* Loved the sessions – the presenters were very informative.

* The large clear signs added to the professional look and feel of the conference.

* The food was great.

* The general sessions were very motivational and inspiring!

The entire Zumasys team was smiling, friendly, and helpful.  You all did a great job!