I would like to express my massive thanks and gratitude for the invitation and cost-sharing to enable me to attend Zumapalooza this week. The technical sessions I attended were excellent (with the exception of the Norse Systems one, which was just OK..) and I have met and made a large number of contacts from your family, partners, and sponsors. More importantly, I was blown away with the altruistic nature of the company and the event. From the lunch-box packing through to the donations to attendees’ charity of choice, there was never any doubt that Zumasys is indeed a special kind of company that truly lives up to the values you all subscribe to. This was so evident in your opening speech, Paul as well as Bert’s extraordinarily engaging presentation. It was also evident in the manner and politeness of the Zumasys employees that interacted with me as part of their role at the event, as well as the ones I randomly ended up chatting to last night. I am taking more than pages of notes, business cards, and American Eagle Outfitter clothes with me back home. My “fire” has been stoked and I am very much looking forward to putting both the technical and personal insights gained this week into practice.