Thank you for the time and thought you put into  this amazing event. My wife was even impressed (and she is anything but technical). I have been at this a very long time and have never came back from an event with as much valuable information. The  thing that really set it apart was not technical but was the way you treated your employees and your clients (soon to be). I felt such a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. Just to know that there are folks out there that actually know Multi-Value and are willing to treat us with honestly and respect was a real revelation. Please send someone to visit us soon. Tell them to bring several empty burlap bags to hall home the booty. We really need your help on  so many levels.

Loved the conference, am enamored with the Zumasys culture! Each Zumasys person I encountered was enthusiastic and helpful. Looking forward to working with Zumasys in the future and the next Zumapalooza!

I would like to thank you for an outstanding time at Zumapalooza. The meetings and discussions where very productive which I know will show great results for Earthfresh over the next few month. We have lots of great things happening which highlight new issues that need your insight. As well thank you for the great hospitality. All the events and parties were perfect.

I again just wanted to thank you and all team Zumasys for all their efforts in bring us Zumapalooza again.  I always go away with something to use or look into.

Wow, what a great conference you guys put on in Vegas!  I really enjoyed the conference and as much as anything just having random discussions with the attendees. On a personal note, I was inspired by the consistency you demonstrate in your message/outlook from a one on one meeting, to a company meeting to a public gathering like Zumapalooza. 

Thanks for a great Zumapalooza. It was certainly very different from any conference I have been to in the past.

We are very pleased with the direction of jBASE and excited to see the technology in the hands of people who hold the same core values

Such an excellent event. Thank you and your team for all the planning and customer care everyone expressed.  These 3 days did so much for my IT team building. We had fun, learned a lot and, most importantly, we bonded.

Great meeting. Great group of people Zumasys and not easy to find in a company in 2015. Thanks for having us.

Paul, I want to thank you for having me to the Zumapaloza! It was great! I was so inspired and moved by your keynote and everyone else’s. I really think you touched many people’s lives by being such an example of a stewardship of the gifts given. Thank you and may God bless you and your team!

— Thank You again for inviting us to attend and exhibit at ZP10. We enjoyed the education, the inspiring presentations, The Cosmo and it was our pleasure seeing you there and meeting your entire team. We had a great time and we look forward to ZP11 and closing more business together till then.

I want to express my gratitude for your continuos generosity.  Thank you for inviting us to your premier conference.  It was wonderful to see everyone and to hear where you are taking your company to.  You are blessed friends and Doreen and I pray for you that God will continue to increase the boundaries of your business.

It was a great experience. Supernap tour was amazing.

Thanks Paul for the invite, I’m passionate about technology and what a wonderful surprise that the biggest take away was how can I help others, how can I make a difference…feels good. You have created a wonderful company and culture and is reflected on your employees, great work on making this world a better place. Paul, thank you again for firing that spark inside me.

I relate to and was inspired by your story about being the younger son that might not amount to much, and your obvious passion to succeed and to help others  succeed. Congratulations on the organization and family you’ve built!

Thanks for putting together an awesome event. I was truly inspired by John Maclean and motivated by Bob Shank.  I couldn’t wait to share John’s testimony to my family and my team at Aspen. The only regret was not having John’s entire message on Video for me to share. I was able to locate several of his endeavors on YouTube however not the same impact. It is rare to be able to affiliated, let along doing business with like-minded organization between Aspen Medical Products and Zumasys

It was definitely not what I expected and it was more heartfelt than I ever would have guessed.  We all know that we have to be good at our jobs so we continue to get paid or stay in business.  It’s another thing to step back and consider a purpose beyond the normal.  Thank you for that.

Thanks for inviting me to Zumapalooza. Very impressive on a number of levels.

Thank you Paul for the wonderful event and for having us. Zumapalooza was actually one of the most organized, fun and informative events I’ve been too so it was definitely a privilege to be there.

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you guys again for the great event. You were awesome gracious hosts, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I am so glad that we are partnering up and starting this journey together. I really felt like a part of the team. Once again thank you for all of the inspirational and timely advice, it will surely help us to grow, not only as a business, but more importantly as people. Thank you again I cannot say it enough.

I just wanted to thank the two of you and all your staff for such a wonderful conference.  It was like “no” other.  It covered technology and business related topics which is why I attended.  But it was so much more . . . it was inspiring!  Not in business but in everyday life.  Two of your speakers resonate tremendously with me: Moffatt Zimba and John MacLean.    

It’s refreshing to find a business partner that shares our core business philosophies

It was good to put a face to some of the jBase techs that we chat with. The sessions were VERY informative. To say that I was floored by the speaker is a gross understatement. I had a chance to chat with him informally.. you can feel the energy coming from him !! great choice !! 

It was great to meet you guys as well and be part of the conference.  I enjoyed so many different parts of it I can’t really name just one!  Great sessions, great speakers, great time all around.

I would like to extend a hearty thank you to Paul and all of the staff at Zumasys for another great Zumapalooza! It truly is an honor to be invited to this event and be around such an uplifting and caring company. Along with all of the technology information, this year’s program and speakers were magnificent and inspiring to say the least. To close it out, the trip to Supernap was just truly awesome and what an experience. In closing, I would like to thank all of you again and may God bless each and every one of you throughout the year!